Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small Bathroom

A common impulse in designing a bathroom is to try to fit fixtures into an already confined area, if you’ve ever used a bathroom where this fancy was acted on unchecked then you know this is a mistake, for example, a toilet placed in a too small location with inadequate clearance on either side. Quite simply, bathroom fixtures each need a certain amount of floor space in order to be used properly. When planning where to put the fixtures, it’s important to leave enough space around and in front of them, follow these general rule/guidelines to ensure that there is adequate maneuvering room in your bathroom for people both with and without disabilities. Sink and toilet occupy about 12 square feet of floor space at minimum, while a bathtub (standard size) occupies 30 square feet, this will possibly bring comfort and safe.
While there are many ways to make a small bathroom feel larger, sometimes the only recourse for a cramped spaced is to actually make it larger. Enlarging a tiny bathroom is actually by moving walls and changing fixtures location, this option is not cheap in terms of labor, but in some cases, it is the only practical alternative for creating a functional and attractive bathroom. A classic way to make the cramped space feel larger is by adding a large mirror. A pedestal sink maybe used, it occupies only a small footprint, while a flanking vertical cabinets provide plenty of much needed space. Making the window larger centered in the wall helps the room to flood with light.
Using the space efficiently is one important component in the planning process, as the part of your bathroom begin to come together, pay attention to the interaction of the materials and elements of the design and use them to your advantage to get the right visual and impact.
A bathroom composition, good or bad, is the result of how the various individual elements work together. The key is to unite everything together in a way that’s look logical, balanced and organized.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pican Interiors in Qapacity

PICAN Interior Designs and Decorations is a full service interior design firm, offering personal, professional service from design concept to completion. With twelve years of experience, we assist our clients in creating a design that is uniquely their own. We LISTEN to our clients' needs, desires, and budget constraints, and create environments specifically for their lifestyle.
We provide a full spectrum of Interior Design and Project Management Services for your homes and condominiums.



In most of my projects, I use the exposed bath showers, as my personal choice, the supply is exposed, unlike the traditional shower valve that are buried in the wall. The plumbing is as always the consideration of the design. Handheld showers and bidets can be used not only to give an ease of use to the clients, but also can be use to wash down the shower area. Some shower heads also provide a pressure assisted hydromassage. Exposed shower fixtures are safer, durable and stylish. In fact there are many options now that choosing the right faucet and could be a real challenge for most of the designers. You will probably want coordination with the sink faucet and the shower or the tub's fixtures, but you'll also have to sort out options like hand held showers as well.

Finishes also comes to consideration, polished chrome are always popular choice because of it's luster finish and long life span, but brass finishes are also as durable. There are also colored epoxy finishes which can give you an exciting look of your bathroom.

On choosing the right material and design of your faucet, always ask the seller if it can withstand abrasive cleaners and water with high mineral content.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bathroom: Design or Comfort?

That’s the question you’ll have to answer as you sort out bathroom styles, materials and finishes. Does your taste run toward the classic or the eclectic? Are you more comfortable in a bathroom, filled with glinting white fixtures and sanitary tiled floors, or is there an essential element in you calling out for more color, something well different.
Vintage or contemporary, the style you choose and the fixtures and finishes you select hand in hand. Tile, of course remains an ever popular favorite for all style of bathrooms, thanks to all manufacturers who is at out most in designing new and versatile design you can ever imagine, there are also anti-bacterial now a day. You might also want considering in going green, the organic look of natural stone, which rival ceramic in its durability and affordability, metal and glass both have a number of applications in a bathroom and can lead it to modern and industrial quality and design too! There are also synthetic finishes, like, laminates and surfacing materials also available to choose from, now a days, paints are also used as design option, there’s a lot of whole palette of colors to give pizzazz.
Often time, a house total structure helps me in determining the design and style of its bathroom, it make sense to incorporate the same features from the overall design of the house, a designer’s ability and the owner’s taste offer a wide range of options for self expression. Whether you remain contemporary, or try to create a period look, choose the style that reflects your own interest, design may vary, but your comfortability  always comes first, it will create an atmosphere that invigorates you in the morning and relaxes you before going to bed, that place makes the room a desirable place to be.

Proposal: Artnatures Wig Gallery (using Sketchup)

Artnature Manufacturing Philippines, Inc.
Lot 2 First Street, First Philippine Industrial Park, 
Barangay Sta. Anastacia, 
Sto. Tomas 4234 Batangas, Philippines


Monday, June 13, 2011


Accessories are the fun part of all of my projects, they bring all the extra touches and totally bring life and interest to the scheme. I use them to finish off a room I designed to perk up a room, you might also find ideas here for your gifts that you make for other interested home lovers. Accessories include everything from rugs, lamps, a vase to candles and wall hang pictures, they create the final touches in your theme, from the start, I always ask my client, what are their intention to renovate or redesign their house, and ask them what are their inspirations for the theme. It could be a gift that you received from your last birthday party, a thing you that you really love, they are the quickest way to change the look of a room or your house, with this in mind, it makes sense to keep them inexpensive as possible.

Never underestimate the effect of accessories. Although they might give an impact, they are essential to overall appearance when used well, accessories is the easiest way to achieve balance and harmony, the completeness of your home.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Project: Carmona Estates

Owners: Kokoi and Marlene Escanan
Scope of Works: Interior Design and Renovation



Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Focal Point

The other dimension that is often missing from a room is some sort of focal point. if you are not lucky enough to have a beautiful window or wall as the focal point. you will have to create something else for the eye to catch on. The key to this is the size, introducing one large item, even in a smal room, can give it a feeling of importance. It also makes the room feel bigger because it tricks the beholder. Mean looking art pieces make a space appear awkward amd crampy.

If you already have a large piece of furniture that could be used as the focal point of a room, it may be a book case, perhaps a console table dressed up so that it has even more prominence in the particular area. Pictures or other art pieces can become focal point or conversation piece if they are big enough or small art pieces hung as a group. If ypu cannot find anything suitable among your possessions, it is worth investing in one eye catching piece that you love. It doesn't have to be a conventional item of furniture, it really depends on the style of the room and your own taste.

On the whole, objects looks best when grouped wit identical or similar objects. So if you have a collection. Space is important too, so edit the collection itself in order to display the items to best advantage-please do do not try to cramp it all. Balance is always the key.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Legazpi Towers 100: 5B Project Update

This old condominium unit were planned to divided into parts, one destined to socializing, which includes dining, living and kitchen area, and the other, for more private life which includes the master's bedroom, child's bedroom and entertainment area. The parts were separated by partitions made in white painted walls and wood color combinations.

The construction can be defined as planes and masses that emerge from within the space creating different ambiances and perspectives that produce movements and areas of visual interests. Another this unit's qualities is the way different materials and textures are combined by using light colored porcelain tiles, except on the bedrooms. This enriches the visual perception of the whole area. In the entrance, living area, dining area and passage to bedrooms.

The linearity of the partitions and separating elements has been slightly broken by geometric ceiling and gaps, and openings which have been used as aesthetic source to introduce the environment. In this case, the spaces resulting from this resource are used as functional element such as shelves or recessed tables.

Legaspi Towers 100 5B- A New Order

Over the base of the old apartment located at 5B Legazpi Towers 100, Legazpi St., Legaspi Village, Makati, the priority in this refurbishing has been that freeing the interior space and giving it a regular order.

Consequently, the first step was to tear down the partition walls and leave a large space like a blank page in which a new order of structure could be created. This space was divided in to two parts, first part is for the master's bedroom, girls room, entertainment room, kitchen, maid's quarter, and the second part is for dining room and living area. The second part  is completely left with wide open space as living area,  shared by the common zones, which next as dining area. The first half was divided into five different areas with different ambiances to incorporate the daily lifestyle of the family, which are communicated by the entertainment area and the kitchen. What is more , better use of the available space separated by partitions walls, for example, in the study area, also serves a entertainment area for the family, shelves have been distributed to almost the perimeter of the room that have permitted to build a library, shelves will be fitted practically. The choice for glass and stainless fittings for all the fixed furnishings along with the dominance of the color, this style of modern-contemporary which is at the same time is timeless. This sensation is strengthened by the presence of the hallway fitted with family pictures and art as wall gallery.

The project is at second week, fairly good enough as start.