Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project: Avida Settings:Shower Area

When there's enough room, it's a good idea to design your bathroom with shower and bath areas. A tub is not a necessity, but can fit in the same area, a separate walk-in shower is generally larger and easier to enter and exit, making it safer, functional and a beauty. Spaces made to keep clean equipped with bench (for steam sauna purposes), multiple shower heads and telephone shower for versatility. It would be a shame to hide the gorgeous stone and tile accent in this walk in shower, making frameless glass shower enclosure a good choice.

This master bath features a spa-like for relaxing and will also be equipped with steam generator, a good antidote for body aches and stressful daily life of the owner.

Project: Legaspi Tower 100

Went to a meeting regarding our next project which will commence on the 15th of May, just a right timing, that is the same target date of turn over of Project: Avida, in Nuvali, Laguna. Which I am going to share the step by step finishing details on my next blog.
The meeting went well and I can say was a blast, why? while on our way from Project: Millenium in Pasig going to my next meeting, my previous client emailed me the floor plan of their unit in Mansala Rockwell, as well as my client for an office renovation which we are preparing for three days now sent me a confirmation for tomorrow's meeting, at the same time, my client requested for a meeting in their unit in Westgate Plaza in Salcedo Village.

What a job. I really love my job.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I had the chance of visiting the booth of Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc. during the Worldbex 2011, they also launched the latest additions to its wall and floor tile ranges featuring the latest trends and available in a range of colors, finishes and designs.

Besides being stylish and chic, Mariwasa ceramic tiles are environmentally friendly. Mariwasa is the only tile company in the Philippines using recycled materials and sustainable practices.

I myself as designer and contractor, I make to a point using Filipino products, they're not as cheap and unreliable like of the brand-less tiles that you can buy from bargain outlet.


Piedra Wall Cladding Systems

Piedra Wall Cladding Stones are manufactured stones that replicate common natural stones used for veneer applications.

“Manufactured, artificial or cultured” stone venner products as they are commonly called, are ideally used in interior and exterior applications for a wide variety of residential and commercial projects.

Every stone piece is casted using special molds obtained from selected natural stones- imitating every small detail! The production process entails the use of high quality raw components, high level skills, manufacturing experience and anartful eye. Resulting into a stone product having a distinct combination of texture, color and cut for every design.

And one more thing, Piedra Wall Cladding Stones are lightweight making its installation easy and affordable than natural stones.

"Piedra Wall Cladding Stones …………… better than natural stones."

Visit their website:

Customed Made Shower Enclosure

Bathroom: Natural Stone as Finishing Materials

In a bathroom, style and materials go hand in hand, and plays a significant role in bathroom’s overall feel. Materials selection also informs its sense of style, and the same materials can be used in different ways to create different effect.

In our recent project in Avida, Nuvali, Laguna, the tile and stone for instance, are classic bathroom materials that are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of time and contemporary baths. Natural glare of stone and a finishing of ceramic, the richness of uneven textured stone tiles and accentuated by small ceramic tile gives the bathroom a rustic and are good match for the plastered walls, on the other hand have also industrial quality that seems most at home in a contemporary setting. If you’re looking to introduce an element of warmth into any design of bathroom, don’t forget about wood, a perfect counterpoint to the colder and harder materials that are usually found.

Don’t forget the natural light to come in, helping to keep it from feeling too confined.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who we are

Decorating is more than just choosing the right paint color, fabric, sofa, rug and lamp. Interior designing and decoration is not only about the practice concerned with anything that is found inside a space -walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture. It's about the people whose lives we touch, many of whom had never before hired a design professional.

We are an informal group of experienced Filipino interior designers, interior decorators, architects and building contractors based in Manila, Philippines. If you need the services of an interior designer or interior decorator for your home or business, we might be able to help you with the interior design. Let us be your guide in what can be an overwhelming process. You'll save time and avoid costly mistakes.

Our diverse client roster includes:

* Busy professionals who simply do not have the time.
* Young couples who are decorating their first home on a reasonable budget.
* Retirees who are relocating.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spaces and Design

As a designer and contractor, I enjoy my work; spaces and nature is my inspiration. I look for convenience, beauty and style with professionalism and harmonious designs. With dealing with every client, small or big project, I seek to create a harmonious relationship with them, to the extent that I can fully understand their needs and priorities; so that we can both enjoy the construction process. I am meticulous in terms of using natural light. With very project, I seek to create well organize spaces, interpreting clients’ needs. I enjoy the process of construction, discovering things, experimenting on the process; I enjoy beauty and passionate on embodying my potential and creativity in collaboration with my client. I make each project as my own in search for excellence as a personal distinctive element. My passion and playing with lighting and color, to bring life on its own and creating an ambience and the intensity.
I always seek to give my clients’ needs, convincing what they really want, asking for inspirations from the pictures and the things that surrounds them, the functionality they need in order to develop an outcome of having house of their dream. It is a privilege to work who really knew what they really want. I think this is essential to obtain beautiful design.
Since I was young, I have this passion on discovering the way interior design works.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Service

We also offer a design and furnishing service for show homes and investment properties. When starting a project, we consider the end user and direct the design to entice the projected clientele. Our aim is to create beautiful and harmonious interiors which combine luxury, comfort and practicality. Clients can expect a reliable, professional service which will also be friendly, relaxed and enjoyable.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mahogany Place 3

The client and the home is so friendly to me, as interior designer, things can be as easy if the client and the house itself comes in very accommodating and supportive.